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Our Creative Writing Classes nurture young minds, turning ideas into captivating stories. Our goal is to foster a community of passionate young writers who can communicate effectively, articulate their ideas with clarity and create narratives that leave a lasting impact on both themselves and their readers.

Our History

How did it begin?

The story of our business began with the remarkable Ms. Mel, a passionate educator whose love for teaching was surpassed only by her dedication to nurturing young minds.

Known for her signature distinct buns, Ms. Mel's unique teaching approach mirrored her belief in embracing individuality and expressing it through words.

With thousands of students as her canvas, Ms. Mel painted a legacy of creativity, self-expression, and empowerment. As we continue her legacy, we carry forward her values, dedication, and unwavering commitment to shaping young writers.

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How do our lessons' work?

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Sample Composition Week

This is the week where we introduce the topic, highlight key points, phrases, connectors etc. After which students copy the composition and submit the completed composition.

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Bite Size Break Down "BB" Week

"BB" week is where the composition is broken down into smaller sections where students will write out selected paragraphs as well as verbally recite parts of the compo, ensuring memorisation and understanding of the flow of the composition.

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Recap Composition Week

Students during this week write the entire composition without referring to the sample composition. For lower levels, helping words are provided.

Class Schedule
(As of 1st January 2024)

Primary 1

Monday,3.30pm to 5pm

Primary 2

Monday,5pm to 6.30pm
Saturday,12pm to 1.30pm

Primary 3

Wednesday,3pm to 4.30pm
Saturday,10.30am to 12pm

Primary 4

Tuesday,3.30pm to 5pm
Saturday,9am to 10.30am

Primary 5

Tuesday,5pm to 6.30pm
Saturday,2pm to 3.30pm

Primary 6

Wednesday,4.30pm to 6pm
Wednesday,6pm to 7.30pm
Saturday,5pm to 6.30pm

Zoom and Physical Classes are Available


(K2-P2) $35/Session
(P3-P4) $40/Session
(P5-P6) $45/Session
(Secondary) $55/Session

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Parent of Aaron(P3) and Aston(Sec 1)

Ms. Sabrina is an exceptional teacher who brings joy and enthusiasm to every class! Her passion for teaching and nurturing young minds is truly inspiring. She has a remarkable ability to connect with her students and make learning a fun and enriching experience. My child absolutely adores her, and I'm grateful for the positive impact she has had on their learning journey.

Parent of Darryl(P5) and Darrius(Sec1)

With strict guidance, Ms. Sabrina and late Ms. Mel ensure all students stay focused, making the most of every class. My children writing essay has improved significantly under their guidance. In addition to their strict approach, my children used their creative  phrases to vividly describe stories, from expressive character actions to captivating endings. Ms. Sabrina and late Ms. Mel strike the perfect balance between discipline and fostering creativity!

Parent of Jayden(P5)

Ms. Sabrina is a patient, helpful and caring teacher. My son has really blossomed over the past year in his composition writing skills. We would highly recommend Bun's Academy.

Parent of Kayden(P4) and Kaylene(Sec 1)

Ms. Sabrina’s passion for teaching and nurturing young minds is evident in every class. She creates a warm and supportive environment where my child feels encouraged to express themselves creatively. My child's writing skills have improved significantly under her guidance, and I'm grateful for the positive impact she has had on their love for writing. Ms. Sabrina's dedication and enthusiasm make her an outstanding educator, and I highly recommend her creative writing classes to all parents looking to inspire their child's imagination.

Parent of Emma(P2) and Eden(P5)

Ms. Sabrina's bubbly personality adds an extra sparkle to every lesson! Her infectious energy and enthusiasm create a joyful and engaging learning atmosphere. Both my son and daughter absolutely adore her classes, and they eagerly look forward to each session. Ms. Sabrina's ability to make learning fun and exciting has ignited a true passion for writing in them. We couldn't be more grateful for her vibrant and caring approach as it allows our children to fully enjoy their creative writing journey

Parent of Shania(P5)

Teacher Sabrina’s enthusiasm, love and passion for the language makes the learning process fun and engaging. Students are able to express themselves and improve their writing skills. It is wonderful and surprising that my child is even applying the profound phases learned during her classes, in our day-to-day conversations. Great articulation!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the classes suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our classes are designed for both beginners and those with foundational writing experience. We tailor our lessons to accommodate students of all skill levels. However, they would need to have minimum foundation in reading English.

2. How many students are there in 1 class?

For K2 to P2 classes, the class size would range from 8-12 students. As for P3 to P6 classes, the class size is capped at 18 students to ensure personalized attention.

3. What materials will my child need?

All necessary writing materials will be provided via PDF before each writing cycle. Physical handouts of the worksheets would be given to those who come on-site. However, your child would need to bring their writing tools such as an A4 notebook, plastic file and stationaries.

4. Is there a trial session available before enrolling?

No, we do not offer trial sessions. However, there are no withdrawal fees.                                                     

5. In the event that we feel our child is not suited for the class and we would like to withdraw them, how should we do so?

To withdraw your child from the class, please inform Ms Sabrina at least 2 weeks prior to the withdrawal. A student must however have completed at least 3 lessons from commencement.

6. If the available classes have reached their capacity, when would the next intake be?

The next intake for classes will be announced on our website and through our communication channels. However, we encourage you to join our waitlist. By joining the waitlist, you will be among the first to be notified when a spot becomes available or when we open registrations for the next intake. Do note that a spot is NOT guaranteed.